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Everest Lounge


46 Saint Mary's Road, Market Harborough, England LE16 7DU

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Everest Lounge opened its doors to the public in June 2020 and has already been rated by Travellers Choice ‘The Best in Market Harborough’ and one of the top Nepalese, Indian and Tibetan restaurants in Leicestershire. More recently they have won ‘Nepalese Restaurant of the Year’ in the English Curry Awards.

At Everest Lounge the Chefs have always believed in cookery as an art that required passion, instinct and an eye for the taste. They have stretched their creativity to introduce a typical but authentic Nepalese and Tibetan home culinary into mainstream. Newly refurbished to create a delightful and relaxing environment, you’ll find the quality of food and service to be outstanding, as verified by over 500 complimentary customer reviews. Everest Lounge is one of the places where service and the quality of food are on top.

The team at Everest Lounge are passionate about the food they serve and therefore constantly strives to improve the quality of food. The chefs have mastered flavours of India’s & Nepal’s aromatic herbs, spices and other ingredients both in the traditional ways that you are accustomed to and equally contemporary sense that teases your taste buds.